Become an Approved Training Centre or Provider

The Approved Training Centre (ATC) scheme incorporates all facilities wishing to provide IQL UK qualifications structured in such a way as to comply with regulated qualifications. Organisations conducting regulated courses and assessments (First Aid, AED and NPLQ) must obtain ATC status.

Independent training organisations providing training for facility operators but who may not have their own facilities are incorporated into the scheme as Approved Training Providers (ATPs).

Please note that RLSS UK ATC/Ps need to use approved RLSS UK Trainer Assessors to deliver RLSS UK awards and qualifications.

ATPs are not intended to replace ATCs where the management and administration of the ATC scheme would be part of the normal business activity.

The scheme is designed to further support training providers in continual improvement and the pursuit of excellence when training or assessing. Being part of the ATC/P scheme offers the following benefits:

  • Support from the dedicated team of Head Office Support Staff
  • Receive free online Ongoing Training & Competency Assessment software that supports regular lifeguard staff training – www.ongoingtandca.org.uk
  • Face to face support from External Quality Assurance Manager
  • Free advertising of courses on the RLSS UK online course finder’s page

To complete an application form and apply to become an ATC/P please click 'Get Started' below: